Off again…this time to the Americas

14 March 2017

OK for the few who started following my travel blog during the previous installment of my world travel, you may have been very disappointed with the lack of updates. I started out well but I the travel pace was too fast (never a boring day), and also I preferred to be talking to people over a couple of drinks than being in my room writing the blog!

After being back in NZ for 3 months, I have decided to go on another adventure. This time it’s the Americas…from Santiago to Seattle in seven months (via French Polynesia and Easter Island in the South Pacific)

Americas travel map

Free island hopping stopovers

The ticket to Santiago with stopovers in French Polynesia and Easter Island is kinda a travel hack so I thought it is worthwhile going over it here as one of the goal of my travel blog is to show ways to get good travel deals. The ticket price with the 2 stopovers was the same as the price of the direct flight to Santiago. As I’m wanting to fly in the high season and only one way (I wanted to fly back from North America), the flight to South America was relatively expensive- both to Buenos Aires on Air New Zealand or to Santiago on LATAM.

As I was searching for my flights on the LATAM website, the most obvious flights to look at were the cheapest and most direct flights. However, I happen to just scroll down and noticed that one of the route options included Easter Island for the same price as the direct flight (who wouldn’t want to visit Easter Island???). At first, the flights displayed were quick stopovers, and unfortunately I was not do a multi-city itinerary on the LATAM website. However, it was easy enough to add in a week or a few days stopover in Papeete and Easter Island when I went to the travel agent, and also on Expedia.


The Americas: Santiago to Seattle in seven months

So here I am waiting with anticipation at Auckland airport to start my next big adventure. After the stops in the South Pacific, I will be going down to Chilean patagonia while it is still somewhat summer, and go up through Argentina. Then the next countries on the plan are Bolivia, Peru including a hike up to Macchu Picchu, Ecuador, Colombia, and sailing over to Panama. I have chickened out of doing Central America by myself so have joined a Gadventures 33 days tour that will take me through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatamala, Honduras, Belize and ending in Mexico. After that, I only have a few weeks left in North America, where I’m torn between visiting USA or Canada. See you next time!


Have you got any favourite places along my route? Share your travel tips and comment below.



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