Hello world! My name is Kelvin, and I am a passionate traveller who enjoys learning about history, discovering new cultures, tasting exotic foods, savouring local drinks, and talking to people in the places that I visit. My travel addiction began when I first visited Europe in 2005. Since then I have lived for a few years in England, where cheap flights from low-cost airlines have brought me to more than 30 countries across Europe.

I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand- a beautiful country known for its incredible scenery (as seen in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies), but a pretty isolated place in the South Pacific for someone who is addicted to travelling! Nonetheless, I have used New Zealand as a base to explore Australia and the Pacific Islands, South East Asia and beyond. Although I grew up in NZ, I still hold my Malaysian passport, and I do hope to add information about visas in this blog. Having travelled to over 60 countries and counting, I am an experienced traveller with both long trips that last for a few months, and fly-in-fly-out vacations ranging from just a weekend to a couple of weeks.

I often get asked how I can travel so often (no I have not won the lottery!). With this blog, I intend to add in the practicalities that’s involved in booking air tickets, getting to/from airports and costs once at the destination. Of course my travel style won’t suit everyone but hopefully there will be some useful tips in there and I can show that traveling doesn’t have to cost a lot and not a luxury that strictly can only be enjoyed every few years.

My travel style is a mix of comfortable travel with the mind set of a backpacker. The best term I’ve heard to describe this is “flashpacking”- flash backpacking! I have been blessed with the ability to sleep almost anywhere and anytime so I am a fan of overnight travel to save money on accommodation and time. I prefer to use public transport rather than taxis to save on cost and it is one of the best ways to discover local culture by travelling with local people. Language can have a large impact on the travel experience but it is really only a problem if you let it be a barrier. Communication requires effort from both parties, be it gesturing, writing/drawing (very useful for destination names, time and dates when booking tickets) or trying my best with the few local words that I picked up. Just do it with a smile!

When I’m not travelling, I’m a Microbiologist and Data Analyst, investigating bacterial communities that occur in the environment. However, I have currntly embraced the nomadic lifestyle. I have completed a “Around the world in 180 days” trip between June-December 2016 and will now be exploring the Americas from Santiago to Seattle in seven months March-October 2017.

If you find this blog useful, please consider donating to support the blog and fund my travel addiction! Thanks. I will try my best to help with requests for postcards or small souvenirs- use the contact me page to send through your request.



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